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↓ Transcript
PANEL ONE: Archibald Biddle, wealthy dilettante and ancestor to Arthur and Alice, peers into the jungle with spectacles. He is poorly dressed for the jungle, in yellow tweed. His faithful guide, Chesterton, is wearing khaki.

ARCHIBALD: I say, Chesterton! Is that a green-dicked flipper I spy?
CHESTERTON: Quite right, sir. Nearly hunted to extinction, they are.

PANEL TWO: Close on the bird doing an adorable little backflip.

ARCHIBALD: Well, that simply won't do! Fetch the net, old boy!
ARCHIBALD: We must protect this specimen for future generations--

PANEL THREE: Close on the bird, screaming.

PANEL FOUR Close on Archibald and Chesterton, looking horrified. The sound bubble for the bird continues.

PANEL FIVE: The sound bubble CONTINUES oh god. Archibald, still horrified, is also now bleeding from his eyes and nose. He is covering his ears but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Chesterton is also clearly affected, but is desperately loading his rifle.

PANEL SIX: A book of birds. A picture of the green-dicked flipper looking cute and harmless. It says “now extinct” underneath its name.