↓ Transcript
PANEL ONE: Andy and Paul are sitting at a bar drinking.

ANDY: You spent all of your retirement money.
PAUL: Yep!
PAUL: Sure did!
ANDY: Okay, crazypants.

PANEL TWO: The conversation grows heated!

PAUL: Well excuse me for not subscribing to your FIAT CURRENCY delusions!
ANDY: What the hell are you even talking about?
PAUL: You won't be so cocky when my gold still has its value after society collapses!

PANEL THREE: Paul being very cocky.

ANDY: What's going to happen to society?!
PAUL: I have no idea!
PAUL: But I'll be READY! I'm ready for ANYTHING!

PANEL FOUR: Paul goes downstairs to his secret gold vault to check on his gold. It’s pretty much all gone! Feral leprechauns stare at him surprised. One is eating a gold bar like it is chocolate.

PAUL: okay
PAUL: ALMOST anything