↓ Transcript
PANEL ONE: A sexy young hipster guy and a sexy young hipster girl are sitting on a couch being super laid back and chill. The guy is smoking and the girl is on her phone.

GUY: I just hate all of these rules you know? SOCIETY
GIRL: Totally
GUY: Hey we should have casual sex
GIRL: Okay
GIRL: But I'm just going to lie there

PANEL TWO: Same as panel one, except they’re slouching even more. They continue to be bored.

GUY: I don't care
GUY: I'm not even going to take off my clothes
GIRL: Good 'cus I'm not even gonna get turned on
GUY: That's fine
GIRL: Whatever

PANEL THREE: The two of them are now halfway off the couch, such is the level of slouching. Still bored.

GUY: I'm not even going to do anything
GUY: I'm just going to think about it
GIRL: yeah baby
GIRL: don't start

PANEL FIVE: The two of them are now lying mostly on the floor, not moving at all, at maximum boredom levels..

GUY: was it 'eh' for you too?
GIRL: hold on
GIRL: I am posting on my sex Tumblr
GUY: ugh
GUY: why bother