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PANEL ONE: A cartoon raccoon dressed like a Roman senator.

RACCOON: ...and if calumny were they warren dark / and vituperation thy squalling brood / no number of descendants born to thee / could prove the equal of thy falsing tongue; / thy legacy shall prove everlasting / if but crooked enough pen canst be found!

PANEL TWO: A cartoon rat dressed like Napoleon.

RAT: Such sorrow mine! That furry Lord saw fit / to curse me with ears to hear such slander / yet allows night's mask to hide shame's crimson! / For I have naught to share but truth and fact: / that backyard e'er has been dominion shared / since our ancestors first--

PANEL THREE: A light flashes on.

SFX: click

PANEL FOUR: Totally normal and not dressed up rats and raccoons dash away as a human swings a broom at them.

HUMAN: Begone, begone! I say--vermin, begone! / Thou art pestilence and pox incarnate-- / an assault on physique and sleep alike! / Remove thyselves from mine presence anon, for some of us have work upon the morn, / and before night's end, I must be abed!