Today’s comic guest-written by Pete, and guest-drawn by Jacob!

↓ Transcript
PANEL ONE: Bachelor auction at a high-society charity banquet. On the block is a handsome sexy firefighter, posing handsomely in his sexy firefighter gear.
EMCEE: and last, we have ONE NIGHT with Mike the fireman!
EMCEE: Do I hear ten thousand?

PANEL TWO: Elegant society girl DAISY dives into a furious bidding war with her rival, Salma Chambers. Daisy really wants to date this fireman!
EMCEE: Ten! Do I hear--
EMCEE: I have twenty! do I have thirty--
EMCEE: Thirty to you, miss! Do I have forty?

EMCEE: Forty and--
EMCEE: Oh, and fifty! Going once... going twice...

PANEL FOUR: Daisy seethes as Fireman Mike walks away from the auction block, arm-in-arm with that self-satisfied bitch, Salma.

EMCEE: SOLD, to Miss Chambers, for fifty thousand!

PANEL FIVE: Daisy slumps into her limousine, visibly disappointed.

PANEL SIX: Daisy arrives at her mansion, which is completely on fire. Her husband comes out to greet her.
HUSBAND: Any luck?