↓ Transcript
PANEL ONE: Three members of the Thunderbutts, a kids' hockey team, confer rinkside before the big game.

THUNDERBUTT 1: So, do you think we can beat the Titans this year?
THUNDERBUTT 2: I don't think we have a prayer!
THUNDERBUTT 3: Really? Why?

PANEL TWO: A dog skating super good. He was born for the ice!

THUNDERBUTT 2: They've got a DOG on their team!
THUNDERBUTT 1: Is that bad?
THUNDERBUTT 2: Are you kidding? Northridge High had a dog on their team last year, and they went to STATE!
THUNDERBUTT 3: You'd think there'd be a rule about that by now.

PANEL THREE: THUNDERBUTT 2 throws up his arms, agitated. THUNDERBUTT 3 thinks carefully.

THUNDERBUTT 1: Wow, look at that slapshot!
THUNDERBUTT 2: AW MAN! We're gonna get creamed for sure!
THUNDERBUTT 3: Unless...

PANEL FOUR: Cut to: an extremely unhappy tiger getting hockey gear put on him.

THUNDERBUTT 2: State, here we come!
THUNDERBUTT 3: Hurry up, you guys! We're gonna be late for the faceoff!