Concept by Pete.

↓ Transcript
PANEL 1: In the illustration style of the late great Dr. Seuss: two small children, home alone on a rainy day, are having a magical adventure with their anthropomorphic cat friend. In the background: an empty goldfish bowl.

“We’ll fly kites in the house!
We’ll have such a ball,
For ‘do what thou wilt’
Is the whole of the law!”

PANEL 2: The kids are posed awkwardly, with various objects balanced on their heads, arms, and feet.

“Now balance these things!
Stand still as a post!
Do not resist Meowley,
He loves you the--”

PANEL 3: The kids are lying on the floor of a darkened livingroom, their eyes rolled back in their heads. A calico cat crouches on the boy’s chest, its eerie green eyes locked with his. The boy's soul is leaking from his open mouth, and flowing into the cat's. The kids’ parents are entering through the front door, and just coming to grips with the horror that faces them.

MOM: Margaret? Billy?
MOM: You two better not be playing with that stray again!