February is romance month!

(concept by Pete)

↓ Transcript
PANEL ONE: Ryan is chatting with his super cool friend Fonzie.

RYAN: I don’t know what to do! She’s awesome, but
RYAN: I just get so nervous around her!

FONZIE: Ha ha, I know what that’s like! Just do what I do:
FONZIE: imagine her pooping

RYAN: … seriously?

PANEL TWO: Ryan is on his second date with the lovely Jessica, and things are clearly going well. Ryan’s gesturing wildly in the midst of a joke, and Jessica’s grinning coyly and doing that thing where she tucks some hair behind her ear. In a thought balloon, Ryan is imagining Jessica taking a dump.

PANEL THREE: Ryan and Jessica are in bed, gently caressing. Ryan is still imagining Jessica pooping, and is starting to become worried over his lack of an exit strategy.

PANEL FOUR: At Ryan and Jessica’s wedding Fonzie and other well-wishers beam at the lucky couple. Ryan is sweating bullets, and picturing Jessica pooping in her lovely wedding dress.