↓ Transcript
PANEL ONE: Scott sits in front of his boss, who is happy to see him.

BOSS: Hey Scott! Glad to see you’re applying for team lead!
SCOTT: Are you kidding? It comes with a corner office!
BOSS: Ha ha!

PANEL TWO: The boss leans back, relaxed.

BOSS: Okay, let’s start this off light:
BOSS: If you could be any kind of animal, what kind of animal would you be?

PANEL THREE: Scott thinks deeply.

SCOTT: Well, I guess I'd be a wolf?
SCOTT: strong hunter, aggressive, but very loyal to the pack.

PANEL FOUR: The boss is looks down at his clipboard.

BOSS: Wow, that's great. That's a great, great answer.
BOSS: Unfortunately? Not the answer we're looking for.

PANEL FIVE: Scott glares at Office Raccoon through the window of Office Raccoon’s sweet new corner office.