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↓ Transcript
PANEL ONE: Shadowy dudes in suits with lizard heads sit around a table.

LIZARD MAN 1: And do the humansss know we have infiltrated their earth government?
LIZARD MAN 2 (off-panel): They suspect nothing!

PANEL TWO: Lizard man 2 stands in front of a Watchmen style wall of monitors with news about global warming and polar bears and Al Gore and shit.

LIZARD MAN 2: Once our agents persuaded enough earth leaders to deny climate change, the humans warmed their planet for us!
LIZARD MAN 2: Now, it is too late to reverse the process!

PANEL THREE: Close on first lizard man, narrowing his lizard eyes.

LIZARD MAN 1: Well done, my reptiloid brethren!
LIZARD MAN 1: Sssoon we will enter… THE FINAL PHASE!

PANEL FOUR: It is now very warm outside. Several lizard people bask on warm flat rocks. One is wearing sunglasses.