October is Ghost Month!

Today’s comic guest-written by Pete.

↓ Transcript
PANEL ONE: PAC-MAN rushes down a hallway, enthusiastically tossing down dots. A ghost is visible in the background.

PANEL TWO: PAC-MAN is running the other direction, munching happily as he grabs a pair of cherries off the ground. Two more ghosts have joined the chase.

PANEL THREE: The ghosts are closing in. His eagerness building to a frenetic crescendo, PAC-MAN furiously stuffs his sweaty face with more and more dots, pretzels, and assorted fruits.

PANEL FOUR: The ghosts are suddenly gone. Half-chewed dots tumble across the floor as PAC-MAN drops to his knees.

PANEL FIVE:Close on PAC-MAN as he gives in to heaving, snot-spewing despair at the realization that no number of dots could truly fill the void in his ruined soul.